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Altiris Guru, from London

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    1. mariex800
      Hi Andykn,
      I am Marie. I saw you post some info on Altiris.
      I wonder if you can help me with something regarding to Altiris Deployment Service 6.9 sp4.
      We have deployment service 6.9 sp4.
      I launch boot disk, I was able to install the symantec Altiris_DS_Preboot_WinPE_2.1_x86.exe fine on x86.
      Then, I saw WAIK installer files (2nd option)
      I select the 2nd option to install WAIK. I pop in the CD which I created from Microsoft WAIK. After some time - it give me an error message " Missing operating System"
      Everytime, I tried to reload the Altiris_DS_Preboot_WINPE_2.1_x86.exe, I get Missing Operating System files.
      Andykn, do you know if this can be fix...
      My email is
      Thank you so much.
    2. andykn
      Best to post on the forum, I've done some HII but there's lots of others on here who have also and might have the answer to your problem
    3. abrezina
      Hello! I noticed your name is a few posts as well. Including ones about HII imaging! I'm trying to figure this out myself and my script seems to be having trouble with the token Replacement Script. To setup this process I used the guide from vortex0007 from May 14th 2008... Any ideas? And are you available to bounce more questions off you?
    4. andykn

      I'm working just down the road in Uxbridge

    5. dalej77
      Hello Andy!!

      Hope you're well!!

      Noticed your name on a few posts :)
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