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Discussion in 'Inventory Solution' started by Bill Sullivan, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Bill Sullivan New Member

    Looks like the ball got dropped on the reporting of CPU's.

    Description: Last update on the "processordesc.ini" file was sometime in 2006 meaning that any processor released after that time will not report accurately the type and potentially the speed.

    I just confirmed this with Altiris and they state there is no development on this and to wait for NS7 for a fix.

    YAY me!!!

    So here is what I propose.
    If anyone has time, have a look at article 39909 for instructions on how to identify and fix the issue per CPU type.

    I will start to do some and post my "finds" here

    I hope others are interested in this as well

    Subscribe to feature request article 25785 to put more wieght on the issue so they may actually put time into this

  2. jdean Altiris Engineer (Super Mod)

    So this is not the same issue as Windows XP or lower not reporting dual procs correctly?

    Or is it the same? I can't clearly tell from that article.

  3. Bill Sullivan New Member

    Well Sort of the same issue. XP and 2003 can't identify the multicores and dual processors without the WMI updates as noted in that Technet link from what I gather.

    We should be able to at least get the speed updated though (imo).

    THis is becoming a very large task to try and get the last few years of missed processors found. I can't figure out how to edit the cpuspeed.ini t correspond with my processors
  4. Bill Sullivan New Member

    Here is an update for Intel and AMD processors from the new HP servers

    Processordesc.ini file
    Under the heading:

    00 0110 1111 0110 Intel Xeon Processor


    00 1111 0001 AMD Opteron Processor

    add those then run the NS Package Refresh task and the next inventory should show the changes.
  5. Bill Sullivan New Member

    Added the following today

    Under the heading
    00 1111 0100 0011 Intel Xeon Processor
  6. Bill Sullivan New Member

    Added the following

    00 0110 1111 1011 Intel Xeon Processor

    00 1111 0001 0011 AMD Opteron Processor
  7. Bill Sullivan New Member

    I guess I am the only one updating this......but I will continue to post :)

    00 1111 0001 0010 AMD Opteron Processor
  8. jtoller Altiris Engineer (Super Mod)

    I just added the below for my HP DL580 G3's:

    00 1111 0100 1000 Intel Xeon Processor
  9. Mike Altiris Engineer (Super Mod)

    Nice! Kinda annoying how almost everything comes up by default as "Intel Compatible" these days. This is really good information.
  10. jtoller Altiris Engineer (Super Mod)

    Yes it is very annoying. Altiris really needs to release an updated processordesc.ini. I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't be using an updated one internally.
  11. Bill Sullivan New Member

    More for Intel (note I think the top couple might have been in there already

    00 0110 1111 0110 Intel Xeon Processor
    00 1111 0100 0011 Intel Xeon Processor
    00 0110 1111 1011 Intel Core 2 Duo
    00 1111 0100 1000 Intel Xeon Processor
    00 0110 1111 1010 Intel Core 2 Duo
    00 0110 0100 1010 Intel Pentium 4 processor
    00 0110 1111 0010 Intel Core 2 Duo

    These are mainly Dell Desktops and laptops
  12. kschroeder Symantec Trusted Advisor

    I take it that the 4th set of binary (the Step from the AeXCpuIdent) will allow for identifying particular CPU sub-types (i.e. Core2 Duo T7500, Xeon E7340 (Xeon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), etc). Anyone done anything around this?

    We're also working on a Custom inventory using source code posted on Intel's site (there is an article on the Juice that is similar) to extract the # cores, HT Yes/No, # of sockets, etc. This is getting important due to our MS licensing, MS SQL 2005 in particular. It would be nice to tie the CPU model name to the cores/sockets, etc.
  13. milla New Member

    This one is for the new Quad Core XEON's (E5345)

    00 0110 1111 0111 Intel Xeon Processor

    Does anyone know how you can provide a more descriptive description of the CPU than Intel Xeon Processor???
  14. kschroeder Symantec Trusted Advisor

    You can, just change the "Intel Xeon Processor" with "Intel Xeon E5345 Quad Core" in your ProcessorDesc.ini file. I did the same for Core2 Duo laptop chips. The next time the CPU inventory runs you'll see your updated description of the CPU. We're working here on incorporating some Intel code for identifying multicore/multi-socket/Hyperthreading CPUs into a custom inventory to make it easier to identify these, and also help with licensing, since MS licenses SQL Server on a per-socket basis.
  15. milla New Member

    Thanks for that Kyle.

    I had tried several other descriptions instead but whenever the aexmachinv.exe ran, i could see in the debug view that it couldn't load the processor descriptions ini file.

    How did you determine what you can write in for the processor descriptions?
  16. kschroeder Symantec Trusted Advisor

    Not sure why that would happen; are you adding them to the appropriate section of the .ini file (i.e. the [GenuineIntel] or [AuthenticAMD]? Here's what the last few lines of my [GenuineIntel] section and the top of my AMD section:
    00 1111 0010 Intel Pentium 4 processor Special
    00 1111 0100 1001 Intel Pentium 4 HT
    00 0110 1111 Intel Core 2 Duo T7500
    00 0100 0000 Am486 or Am586 Processor
    00 0101 0000 AMD-K5 Processor (Model 0)
    There may be some limitation on the total line length...?
  17. milla New Member

    It was under the appropriate section, all I changed within the file was the description.

    For example.
    "Intel Xeon Quad Core" to the "Intel Xeon E5345 Quad Core" and for some reason it picked up the file. I tried several variations of the description, but it seemed to only like your description, or the stock standard one.

    I might play around with it some more, as it is handy to know the different processor types.

    Thanks again.
  18. g00ner New Member

    Bill, would you mind posting your processor.ini file?
  19. Bill Sullivan New Member

    Trouble is that I have not collaborated this with all the NS systems I have put in place. They are spread out over 7-8 companies. Attached is one of them

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  20. g00ner New Member

    Thanks Bill, have added a few more entries for Core 2 Duo and Pentium 4 to it.

    ** 2008-08-20 Updated with Scorpio_XIII's AMD Athlon 64

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