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Discussion in 'News' started by JeremyDallas, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. JeremyDallas SVS Scholar

    Ok, with the site changes I would love to see a new banner at the top of the site. It could be an image, an active menu, a flash script, or whatever.

    Submit your ideas here, we'll let the community vote, and the winner will get an Altiris Patch punching bag.
  2. JAustgen Site Administrator (Ex-SQL Savant)

    Goat. Bring back the goat!
  3. JeremyDallas SVS Scholar

    Man...i'm still trying to find that stupid thing!
  4. LordofthePatch Site Administrator

    I can see it now...Flash animation...goat travels across screen...then I ask myself "Why did the goat cross the screen?" :D
  5. JAustgen Site Administrator (Ex-SQL Savant)

    I like the idea... flash animation... goat... Nick...

  6. LordofthePatch Site Administrator

    I'm never gettin' to sleep tonight...:rolleyes:
  7. Nick Altiris/AppSense Guru

    Last time my name and a goat were used in the same sentence Jim got really jealous.

    Those mountain boys are very protective of their mountain goats. ;)

    Almost as much as Texan's are over their Longhorns. ;)
  8. cnpalmer New Member

    Now showing at a forum near you... "Brokeback AltirisAdmin"

    "Where the men are men, and the goats are afraid."
  9. LordofthePatch Site Administrator

    Hahaha! That is too funny.
  10. JeremyDallas SVS Scholar

    Nick's goat boy love child...

  11. Shadrach Altiris Engineer (Super Mod)

    I took my goat and went home! <sob> I loved that little goat!
  12. Shadrach Altiris Engineer (Super Mod)

  13. TNeumann SR Technical Acct Manager

    OK...time to get this thread back on track :D
    I made a quick sketch to try & get across my idea.
    A flash animation similar to the drawing. The "server" will send down 1 letter to each PC, spelling out NSExperts.
    The letters can then drop below the PCs and .COM can be added on.
    I, myself, have no Flash experience, so I don't know how difficult it would be.
    Any thoughts, comments, changes?


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  14. JAustgen Site Administrator (Ex-SQL Savant)

    Sounds like a good idea to me.
  15. BCM_Mike New Member

    Idea for Logo

    I don't have any rendering software, but how about something like the SUN logo (but different.

    The Letters NS are similar. If you round the N a little bit and turn it 90 degrees it makes an S.

    You round the N a little bit and square the S a little and they are the same letters.

    You then make a cube and there is your logo.

    If you wanted to get fancy, you make the cube rotate with the NS around it. If no one does it I will see if I can find a freeware render program out there to try it.

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