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Discussion in 'Notification Server' started by sgosden, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. sgosden New Member

    I have a problem with a package server. The server is not downloading any packages and all packages are saying either package is download pending or retrying download.
    we have 10 other package servers that are ok and download the packages.
    the logs show the following

    <event date='Feb 16 08:43:29' severity='4' hostName='CHI2K3FIL01' source='PackageDelivery' module='AexPackageDelivery.dll' process='AeXNSAgent.exe' pid='8604' thread='9644' tickCount='953130406' >
    <![CDATA[Error while downloading package: Package suspended (-2147209210)]]>

    any ideas?


  2. sgosden New Member

    update to this thread

    a few packages are now actually being downloaded succsessfully, but most are failing. It currently has 7 out of 884 even though it has been up for several hours. It is accross a WAN link but it is a fairly fast link and should not be any where near that slow. Don't understand why it keeps on failing on most of the packages

    any ideas
  3. sgosden New Member

    another update

    get the following error when it tries to download the packages.

    CDATA[Error while downloading package: Server is busy. Package sources request is backing off (-2147467259)]]>

    The packages will eventually download but is taking about 4 days to download

  4. aclachey Member

    Thats soo strange.. I was getting the same error message earlier and also my clients werent able to download anything.....
    I checked PMIMPORT and it looks like a new version came down again today... after the new pmimport installed... Everything started to work again???

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